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Alcohol Licensing

Attention current license holders! The annual mandatory Renewal Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 9th at 10am, 2pm or 6pm. Please plan to attend one of these meetings.

Instructions For a Local Alcoholic Beverage License

  • Application should be filed with the City Auditor's Office along with a $250 investigation fee.
  • If application is for a transfer of license from a current licensee to a new applicant, a letter should be submitted by existing licensee stating they wish to transfer to new applicant.
  • The City Auditor's office will publish Notice of Hearing in The Forum at earliest possible date with hearing to be held at least 10 days after publication.
  • If license is approved, applicant must pay initial fee or transfer fee, whichever applicable, before any license can be issued. Please contact the City Auditor's Office the day following final approval to make arrangements.
  • Contact the Health Department to transfer restaurant/catering and bar/tavern licenses.
  • It is necessary to have a state alcohol beverage license.

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