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The Mayor's Message - May 31, 2017

I'd like to welcome you to the City of Fargo's new site. This project has been discussed for quite some time and I’m incredibly proud of our City of Fargo team members who have worked so diligently to make it a reality.

The first thing you’ll likely notice is that our new website features many more photos, videos and social media integrations than our previous site. It’s also organized in a new way! Instead of placing items under a City department name, which may not make sense to the general public, we reorganized our entire site to make it easier to navigate for residents, business owners and visitors. You’ll notice new categories such as “Live,” “Work,” “Explore,” “City & Government” and “News and Events.”

This website is really about you, and so it is organized around words and concepts that hopefully resonate with you.

Here’s another great new feature – a “Public Meetings” calendar which unites all of the meeting schedules for our City’s 25 different boards, commissions and committees in one place – and it’s featured right on the front page. One of my goals as mayor has been to encourage the incorporation of new and innovative ideas into government, and I’m hoping that this new tool will encourage more people to attend our public meetings and get involved within our fantastic city.

This entire effort is intended to make the City of Fargo, and your local government resources, more easily accessible. The new website is mobile responsive, so it’s optimized to be viewed on cell phones, and tablets too. You can change the font size to make the site content even easier to read. You can even select from 103 different languages with the “translate” tool.

Also, check out those incredible photos found within the site, many of which are the work of local photographers. I’m continually impressed by the people we have in our community and the many talents they have to offer. I invite you to take a look at our new site and remember that it will be a continual work in progress. We have many new ideas planned for the next year that will continue to expand upon this new and powerful online platform.

In the City of Fargo, we pride ourselves on being “Far More.” With this new website and the potential that it holds, we’re working to epitomize that “Far More” slogan each and every day. I hope that you enjoy our new site and will find it to be a great Fargo resource!

Mayor Tim Mahoney