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Important Information on the Blue Totes Previously Used in Fargo's Recycling Program


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When Fargo's All-in-One recycling program begins in July, the current blue totes will no longer be used. We ask that you please refrain from disposing of the totes at the City’s recycling drop sites.

They are yours to keep and we encourage you to consider making use of the blue totes in other ways, such as storage for extension cords, sandbox toys, sports equipment, etc. They are also handy to use as a tote in your vehicle.

For those who no longer want their blue totes they can be taken to the City of Fargo Solid Waste building during business hours (8:00-4:30 p.m.). The address is 2301 8th Ave. North, blue totes can be deposited in the white roll off just inside the parking lot entrance by the phone book container.