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Resident Comment Opportunities to be Offered During the June 24 City Commission Meeting

Fargo residents who would like to address the Commission (either virtually or in-person) are required to either sign up or call 701.241.1310 in advance to register.

The ability to sign up for speaking at the upcoming City Commission meeting will be offered beginning at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 20 and all requests must be submitted by 12 noon on Monday, June 24.

No late or in-person signups immediately before or during the Commission meeting will be accepted.

City staff will be in contact with residents who signed up to coordinate logistical information for the comment opportunity.

Each resident will be allowed up to 2.5 minutes to speak. In order to ensure the comment period does not extend beyond the allotted 30 minutes, no more than 12 individuals will be permitted to sign up for the comment period. Presentations and videos will not be allowed during the comment period.

Resident Comment on Regular Agenda Items

City of Fargo residents or Fargo business owners who wish to address the City Commission may do so for topics on the regular agenda during that section of the agenda following the staff presentation. At the beginning of an agenda item, the Mayor will state the number of speakers and the time to be allotted for resident comments.

Resident Comment on Non-Agenda Items

At the end of the City Commission meeting, there will be a general resident comment period for items not on that evening's meeting agenda. Rules for this comment period will be the same as the rules for residents’ comments on agenda items.