Red River Valley COVID Task Force (RRVCTF)

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Red River Valley COVID-19 Task Force

Communication & Education Subgroup

The Communication & Education Subgroup is focused on identifying and responding to a variety of local education needs related to COVID-19. This includes creating and/or providing educational material and resources for not only individuals impacted by the virus but also for employers and businesses.

The subgroup evaluates gaps in communication for populations that may not follow mainstream media or news outlets or that have additional barriers to communication networks for factual information. To work toward closing these gaps, the subgroup initiated a grassroots effort with a number of local partners, including ESHARA, Family HealthCare and Clay County Public Health. The subgroup also works closely with local shelters and partner organizations to provide support and resources to individuals who, due to COVID-19, need to isolate and/or quarantine and therefore, have impacted food and housing security.

Communication & Education Subgroup Materials

COVID-19 'Now What?' Translated Factsheets for Individuals