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Cold and Wet Weather Conditions Prove Difficult For Pothole Repairs


The region is currently experiencing an abnormally cold and rainy spring, making it difficult for The City of Fargo’s Street Department to efficiently address seasonal street conditions, specifically repairing potholes. The Street Department continues to put forth their best effort to actively address the potholes on city streets, combatting the issue by completing temporary repairs throughout The City. Residents may notice crews returning to the same locations multiple times due to the temporary repair material becoming displaced by repeated moisture and daily traffic use. The City of Fargo understands this is not the ideal process; however, in the interim, this process will need to continue until weather conditions improve and hot asphalt materials become a viable option.

The City of Fargo’s annual Spring Cleanup is scheduled for the weeks of May 2 and May 9. This two-week event managed by the Solid Waste Department requires significant support from Street Department staff. During the next two weeks, staff will continue to monitor and address potholes; however, it will be on an as-needed basis.