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City of Fargo Property Taxes

Mill Levy History

As of December 31, 2016, the City of Fargo had 53 mills levied. The consolidated tax mills for all of the taxing entities in Fargo is 297.51.

View the Mill Levy History for the last 10 years.

Property Tax Collections

Property taxes are collectable at the taxpayer's option under two plans:

  1. Taxes paid in full by February 15 of the collection year receive a 5% discount; OR
  2. Taxes paid in two installments dues by March 1 and due by October 15

Penalties are levied on the following schedule:

The second installment becomes delinquent on October 16 at which time a 6% penalty is assessed. After three years the property is offered at tax sale at a fair market valuation. View the 10 year history of property taxes levied and collected for the City of Fargo.