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Qualifications for the New or Expanding Industry Exemption & Payment in Lieu of Tax (PILOT)

Businesses that are new to the community or existing businesses expanding and adding jobs may be eligible for an exemption or a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT). The City of Fargo may grant businesses up to a 5-year property tax exemption for locating or expanding in the city. It may also establish up to a 20-year payment in lieu of taxes.

Generally, where there is local competition already, the exemption would be denied.

The exemption must be granted prior to start of construction for new buildings or prior to occupancy for existing buildings. Also, the city must publish notices in the Forum for two weeks and hold a public hearing no less than 15 days after the last publication. The whole approval process takes about a month.

If you would like more information about this exemption, please first review the application packet before calling the City of Fargo Assessor's Office.