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Airport Authority

The Airport Authority is comprised of five members appointed by the City Commission for five-year terms.

North Dakota Century Code 2-06-02 provides that any municipality may, by resolution, create a municipal airport authority; or, the governing body may, by resolution determine to exercise any or all powers granted to such authorities until or unless such powers are or have been conferred upon a municipal or regional airport authority. The Code also provides that five persons will be appointed as commissioners of the authority if the governing body creates said authority.

The Fargo City Commission adopted a Resolution on April 8, 1969 (pg. 256 of the City Commission minutes) creating an Airport Authority.

City Ordinance 26-0102 provides that the care, management supervision and control of the airport shall be under such rules and regulations as the municipal airport authority of the City of Fargo shall, from time to time, prescribe.

The Airport Authority has hired an Executive Director as well as other staff to deal with the day-to-day operations of the Airport. A City Commissioner is appointed to serve as Liaison Commissioner to the Airport Authority.

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