Tree Contractor Services and Licensing Requirements

Tree Contractor Services

Tree contractors perform many valuable services, including, but not limited to; tree and shrub removal, pruning, cabling and bracing, stump removal, planting, and treatments to help manage insects, disease and plant health.

Many tree contractors have one or more Arborists certified through the International Society of Arboriculture on their staff. The certification means the Arborist has an educational background in many aspects of proper tree care. A Certified Arborist might also offer additional services such as tree identification, planting recommendations, disease diagnosis, and tree valuations.

A person or business that is compensated for performing any of these services in Fargo's city limits is required to obtain a license from the City of Fargo.

License Requirements

Residents and business owners in need of tree care on their private property are advised to use the services of a licensed tree contractor. The City of Fargo issues a license to a contractor after ensuring the following requirements are met. The contractor must have liability and workers compensation insurance, obtain a performance bond, possess a ND Contractors License, when required, and possess a ND Commercial Applicators License, when required. The contractor is responsible for renewing the license annually.

Simply because a tree contractor advertises in Fargo does not mean they are properly licensed to conduct business in Fargo. Property owners are encouraged to ask tree contractors to show their contractor's license before they conduct any work on their property, or if they are selling their services door-to-door.

Forestry maintains a list of licensed tree contractors but does not recommend the services of any one licensed contractor over another. The property owner is advised to ask for references and credentials, obtain quotes, and to perhaps inspect previous work sites when they are deciding on a contractor.

The licensed contractor list is updated throughout the year.

Licensed Contractors

Expectations of Contractors

Tree contractors cannot prune or remove trees growing on boulevards without prior consent from the Fargo Forestry Department. Forestry is responsible for the maintenance and removal of the trees on public property. Residents and business owners can report concerns and request tree pruning or removal by contacting the Forestry Department.

Tree contractors or property owners are responsible for removing wood waste created in the process of tree pruning and/or tree removal on private property. The Curbside Brush Program is not intended to subsidize tree contractors. This service is provided to assist property and business owners when they have removed small amounts of brush during routine maintenance tasks around their home or business.