Downtown Fargo

Downtown Fargo


Bishop Land Design (BLD) is working with the City of Fargo to investigate opportunities to implement the vision of the Downtown InFocus comprehensive plan within the Civic Plaza, which is the area between City Hall, the Downtown Library and the Civic Center. BLD, whose interdisciplinary approach embraces the role of landscape as a resource for municipalities with the potential to provide social, ecological and economic benefits, brought landscape architecture and ecology with their role as a consultant on Downtown InFocus.

This project is an exceptional opportunity to celebrate Civic Plaza as an invaluable resource for the City of Fargo by creating a space where the city can come together and celebrate, which will contribute to a vibrant and engaging downtown environment and foster the City’s connectivity to the river. This is a project that blends the diverse interests of a variety of stakeholders such as Fargo Parks, the Performing Arts Center Task Force, Plains Art Museum, the designers and developers of Block 9 Plaza, FM Diversion, and the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as adjacent neighborhoods and the broader downtown community. Our project approach builds upon the Downtown InFocus comprehensive plan from January 2018, as well as expands on the insights gained from the Temporary Site Plan for the Civic Plaza area, Block 9 development plans, and EPA assessments for the Mid America Steel site, among others, and closely coordinates with the concurrent design studies for the Performing Arts Center.

BLD's multi-layered approach to add value to the urban and social fabric, and to incorporate infrastructural and ecological improvements, will create a holistic vision for Fargo Civic Plaza to be a flexible and adaptable public open space. Based on a thorough analysis, BLD devises comprehensive Contextual Planning and Site Programming strategies that integrate and feature stormwater management as an inherent asset to the site and will allow development of an innovative resilient landscape.

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