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Reconstruction of 52nd Avenue South Bridge over Sheyenne River begins Monday, August 21


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The City of Fargo and the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) and contractors announce that Phase 1 of the 52nd Avenue South Bridge reconstruction project will begin on Monday, Aug. 21, 2023, and is anticipated to conclude in late summer 2024. Crews have begun staging traffic control signage for the closure. This marks the start of a major project to rebuild the half-mile stretch of 52nd Avenue from 63rd Street South west through the Sheyenne Street intersection. The project will provide improvements for pedestrians, drivers, nearby landowners and businesses by updating the existing roadway, pedestrian and utility infrastructure.

Improvements include a new bridge and gate structure over the Sheyenne River, a new four-lane concrete road section to expand and replace the existing road between 63rd Street South Sheyenne Street, and a second lane added to the 52nd Avenue South and Sheyenne Street intersection roundabout to allow for dedicated turn and through-lanes. Additionally, sidewalks will be added to the 52nd Avenue South corridor between 63rd Street South and through the intersection with Sheyenne Street. The storm sewer drainage system will be expanded to help improve drainage along the corridor.

Phase 1 construction will constitute all infrastructure improvements from the new bridge over the Sheyenne River to the east up to 63rd Street South (see overview map). This work will necessitate a road closure of 52nd Avenue South between 63rd Street South and Sheyenne Street (see detour map). The 52nd Avenue South and Sheyenne Street intersection roundabout will remain open in this phase, as well as local access from 63rd Street South on existing pavement. In the spring of 2024, utility and roadway improvements on 52nd Avenue South from the new bridge to 63rd Street South will begin.

Phase 2 construction will consist of the closure of the 52nd Avenue South and Sheyenne Street intersection to allow for the construction of the additional paved lane around the roundabout and associated infrastructure. It is anticipated this phase will begin June 1, 2024, and will wrap up by mid-August 2024.

All phases of the project are scheduled to be complete by the fall of 2024.

Corridor access to all residences will be maintained throughout the project, with details of that access coordinated prior to implementation. Pedestrian access is not currently supported through this corridor, so no pedestrian access will be maintained.

The City of Fargo appreciates the public’s cooperation and patience during the construction period. Please plan your routes accordingly and drive safely in construction zones.

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