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Citywide Concrete Pavement Repair: 2022

Zone: South, NorthWhat zone am I?


Start: Spring 2022

Estimated Completion: Fall 2022

Current Status (Updated 10/27/2022):

This project is now substantially complete and open to traffic.

Overall Project Map:


Project Locations:

Regular Text indicates areas with upcoming work.
Bold Text indicates areas with work currently taking place.
Italicized Text indicates areas where work has been completed.

1. 18th Street N & 17th Avenue N
2. 18th Street N & 15th Avenue N_
3. 3935 12th Avenue N
4. 1437 10th Street N
5. 45th Street N (3rd Avenue to 7th Avenue N)
6. 4th Avenue N & 3rd street N
7. 1436 6th Avenue S (widen approach to alley)
8. 38th Street S & 9th Avenue S (turn radius widening)
9. Veteran's Boulevard (north of 32nd Avenue S)
10. 32nd Avenue S & 43rd Street S (westbound lanes)
11. 32nd Avenue S & Sienna Drive S (westbound lanes)
12. 32nd Avenue S (west of 42nd Street eastbound lanes)
13. 32nd Avenue S & 32nd Street S (NW corner)
14. 42nd Street S (south of 34th Street)
15. 40th Avenue S & 45th Street S (east of 45th Street S)
16. 42nd Street S (south of 40th Avenue S)
17. 52nd Avenue S (42nd Street to 43rd Street S)
18. Bishop's Boulevard S (north of 56th Avenue S)
19. 13th Avenue S (east of 42nd Street S eastbound lanes)

Project Overview:

This project will include concrete pavement repairs and incidentals roadway in various locations throughout the City of Fargo.


Ti-Zack Concrete Inc.


  • Traffic will be maintained during construction, but short-term lane closures and parking restrictions are required to safely accommodate construction activity.
  • Construction activity will be performed in multiples areas of the City. To view the affected areas, please refer to the Overall Project Map via the Project Resources section on the right side of this page.


The project is scheduled to begin in May of 2022, with substantial project completion scheduled for fall of 2022.


This project will be funded by City Sales Tax Funds.


The purpose of the project is to correct deficiencies that have appeared over time. Joint and random spalls, longitudinal and transverse cracking, pavement blowouts, and pavement deterioration are present on these pavement sections. The proposed project will aid in extending the useful life of these streets by restoring the pavement’s structural integrity, therefore delaying future deterioration and improving ride quality.

Miscellaneous Info:

During concrete repair projects, crews remove the bad areas of the concrete pavement and replace the area with new concrete. Sections of the roadway will re-open to traffic once designed comprehensive strength has been achieved on the new concrete. There may be periods of time when workers are not present in the zone while concrete is curing over a period of time.