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Membership & First Meeting Finalized for the City of Fargo’s Special Assessments Taskforce


Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney has appointed the following individuals to the City of Fargo Special Assessment Taskforce. City Commissioner Tony Grindberg will chair the taskforce and will have voting rights to break any tie votes with taskforce recommendations. The City of West Fargo representative is an active participant in the process, but not a voting member.

Fargo residents:

  • Bill Worth
  • Curtis Goroski
  • Darrell Christianson
  • Kristy Fremstad
  • Kent Busek
  • John Cosgriff

FM Home Builders Association:

  • Don Dabbert, Jr.

FM Association of Realtors:

  • Gloria Palm Connor

Mortgage lending industry representative:

  • Kevin J. Hanson


  • Jim Bullis

FMWF Chamber of Commerce business representative:

  • Jeff Volk

City of Fargo Commissioners:

  • Commissioner Tony Gehrig
  • Commissioner Tony Grindberg

City of West Fargo liaison (ex-officio):

  • Mayor Bernie Dardis

The taskforce will review the history of special assessments in Fargo, including current and past funding methodologies for green field development and upgrading existing infrastructure.

The taskforce will research, review and recommend innovative financing options to include a potential elimination of current voter-approved sales tax special assessment funding practices and replacement with other financing options.

The first meeting of the City of Fargo Special Assessment Taskforce will be on Tuesday, August 28 at 7:30 a.m. in the Fargo City Commission Room within Fargo City Hall. All taskforce meetings are open to the public and a quorum of City Commissioners may be present at any or all meetings. Agendas and minutes for the taskforce will be available at