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The City of Fargo Reminds Residents to Properly Connect Sump Pumps for Spring and Summer Months

Residents are urged to ensure the discharge line is not frozen or restricted


The City of Fargo’s Water Reclamation Department reminds residents to ensure sump pump lines are properly connected for the spring and summer discharge. Between the dates of March 31 through October 1, residential sump pumps are required to drain into The City’s storm sewer system via a direct connection to a main storm sewer line, directly on the ground at least 20 feet away from the resident’s home or through a buried line to the curb. Prior to diverting the sump pump discharge outside, residents are urged to ensure the discharge line is not frozen or plugged.

Continuing to connect a sump line into the sanitary system during the restricted dated (March 31 through October 1) can quickly overload the sanitary sewer system. Excessive water in the sanitary sewer system could cause sewer back-ups, resulting in possible property damage.

Residents with questions about sump pump connections should contact the Water Reclamation Facility at 701.241.1454.