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Fargo Approves 2024 Budget

Residents are encouraged to utilize available programs to assist with paying property taxes


At its meeting on October 2, 2023, the Fargo City Commission approved Fargo’s 2024 Budget to fund governmental operations in North Dakota’s largest community.

The Budget Team started with significant gaps between forecasted expenditures and anticipated revenues for 2024. The Budget Team was very aware of City-provided service expectations in a rapidly growing community, constituent concerns with various tax and fee implications and the competitive employment market influences that seek to lure away City talent.

The three main objectives of the 2024 Budget were as follows:

  • Honor The City of Fargo’s commitments to fund the Police and Fire Departments, along with all other departments that support public safety.
  • Continually re-evaluate both revenues and expenses by assessing fee structures for City services and City-provided infrastructure.
  • Recruit, retain and reward our staff, while holding the line on expenses through conservative capital purchases and controlling our annual operating expenses.

The Approved 2024 Budget is available for viewing here.

Fargo residents are encouraged to research the following property tax assistance programs to determine if you may be qualify: