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Airport Authority - July 11, 2017 Minutes

The Regular Meeting of the Municipal Airport Authority of the City of Fargo, North Dakota, was held Tuesday, July 11, 2017, at 8:00 a.m. in the Airport Boardroom.

The members present or absent were as follows: Present: Clark, Linn, Kilander, Blazek
Absent: Haugen
Others: Bossart, Gehrig

Chairman Blazek presiding.

Approved the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Municipal Airport Authority Held June 27, 2017:
The minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Municipal Airport Authority held June 27, 2017, were approved without objection.

Approved the Airport Vouchers Totaling $29,097.62:
Dr. Clark moved to approve the airport vouchers totaling $29,097.62. Second by Mr. Kilander. On the call of the roll, members Clark, Linn, Kilander, Blazek voted aye.
Absent and not voting: Haugen The motion was declared carried.

Approved the Individual Voucher to Cougar Tree Care:
Mr. Kilander moved to approve the individual voucher in the amount of $59,500.00 to Cougar Tree Care for Partial Payment Request #2 (Final) for Phase II of the Shelterbelt Renovation (tree removal). Second by Dr. Clark.
On the call of the roll, members Clark, Linn, Kilander, Blazek voted aye.
Absent and not voting: Haugen
The motion was declared carried.

Received Update from Berg/Sahl Regarding Proposed South General Aviation Area Hangar:
Mr. Dobberstein stated neither Mr. Berg nor Mr. Sahl were able to be here today but Mr. Troy Mallow and Mr. Ward Briggs of Olaf Anderson Construction are representing them.
Mr. Mallow was recognized and stated they first looked at an option to build over the existing hangar in order to prevent interruption to Mr. Sahl's aircraft maintenance operation during construction. He stated after looking at a number of options they finally came to the conclusion that it might be better to stay away from the original hangar space for now. He stated they are proposing to build south of the existing hangar and design it in a way that we can phase the project so that in two to five years the hangar can be expanded and then Mr. Sahl can move his operation into the new hangar. He presented a site plan for the proposed hangar and future expansion. Mr. Ward Briggs was recognized and stated Phase I will have 20,000 sf of hangar space with 10,000 sf of office space (5,000 sf on each floor). He stated this will require some relocation of the airport fence on the east side. He stated Phase II will be two to five years in the future and will be 33,000 sf of strictly hangar space.

Mr. Mallow stated they have done just preliminary exterior design for Mr. Berg but do not have anything to present at this time.

Mr. Dobberstein stated when the Fargo Air Museum built their first hangar they were told they could not move the building any further south that the Taco Bell building to the east.

Mr. Mallow explained that since the airport property is zoned Public Institution and the Taco Bell is in a different zone (General Commercial) any building within 150 of another zone must follow the setback criteria of the other zone. He stated those same setbacks would not apply to the Berg/Sahl hangar.

Mr. Dobberstein stated the access gate off 19th Avenue would be relocated at Mr. Berg's expense, as well as any utilities that may need to be moved. He added that an airspace study still needs to be completed before the project can be approved. He stated our next meeting is August 8 and we should have some preliminary concept drawings at that time.

Received Communication from ND American Legion Auxiliary Regarding Eastside Terminal Lease Extension:
The communication from the ND American Legion Auxiliary dated June 29, 2017, was received and filed without objection. Mr. Dobberstein stated the Auxiliary is requesting a one-year extension of their office lease in the Eastside Terminal. Mr. Kilander moved to approve the one-year lease extension as requested by the ND American Legion Auxiliary.
Second by Dr. Clark.
All members present voted aye and the motion was declared carried.

Received Update on Modifications to Checked Baggage Screening Conveyor System:
Mr. Dobberstein stated Darren Anderson has been working with the TSA on the proposed ergonomic modifications to the checked baggage screening conveyor system. He stated Glidepath is the sole source supplier on this baggage system and he did get two preliminary options from them. Option #1 at a cost of $118,500 utilizes most of the existing equipment. He stated Option #2 for $142,920 replaces all of the equipment. He stated a TSA representative is not present today so we will hold this item until our meeting on August 8.

Airport Construction and Security Update:
Mr. Terry Stroh, TL Stroh Architects, was recognized and stated they are doing some predesign work on the skyway. He stated he would like the board to consider setting up a building committee consisting of Mr. Dobberstein, Mr. Anderson and possibly two board members with which he can touch base on a regular basis.
Chairman Blazek stated that is a good idea and we will get that set up.

Mr. Stroh stated the bids for the replacement of the siding on the east side of the building should be done by the end of the week. He stated they have contact four contractors to get informal bids and he will have those by the next meeting. He stated most of them have had some experience on airport projects. Mr. Jeff Klein, Mead & Hunt, was recognized and stated Northern Improvement has broken all of the concrete on the portion of Taxiway A that is being reconstructed. He stated they are working on removal of the concrete and laying the gravel base. He stated they are working on the topsoil and dirt work for the cargo ramp expansion.

Other Business:
Ms. Linn stated she and Mr. Kilander have met a couple of times regarding compensation. She stated they have been taking a look at the differences between the City of Fargo and the Municipal Airport Authority. She stated the next step is to meet with multiple stakeholders as the airport interacts with so many more entities than just the citizens and travelers. She stated they plan to come back with a report in August.

Mr. Dobberstein stated SP+ (Standard Parking) did conduct their survey for two days last month and had over 1,000 responses. He stated we should be seeing those results in the near future. He stated they will continue this survey for about a one year period.

Mr. Dobberstein stated we received a notice from the City of Fargo regarding upcoming changes in how they charge property owners for storm water each month. The meeting of the Municipal Airport Authority was adjourned until the next Regular Meeting to be held Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. Time at adjournment was 8:27 a.m.