Arts & Culture Commission

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Commission Duties

The Arts and Culture Commission was created by Ordinance No. 4049 adopted by the City Commission on November 24, 2014. (Article 20-08 of Chapter 20 of the Ordinances was adopted on April 13, 2015).

The purpose of the Arts and Culture Commission is to ensure that public art continues to be a valuable part of Fargo. The Commission encourages the display of public art by citizens, developers, property owners, architects and buildings; to provide a process for review and recommendation to the City Commission of the commissioning and placement of public art by the City; and to ensure that existing public art is properly displayed and maintained and that it is accessible to the general public.

    • Managing the public art collection and facilitating new public art within the city
    • Guiding the development of a Public Art Master Plan
    • Identifying opportunities for public art within current and future capital improvement projects
    • Promoting public art through education

By-Laws & Rules of Governing

The Arts and Culture Commission is to prepare and adopt by-laws and rules governing its own operation at its first meeting following January 1st each year and shall elect a chair and vice-chair to serve until their successors are elected and qualified. The majority of the existing and qualified members of the Arts and Culture Commission shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business.

The Arts and Culture Commission shall consist of nine (9) members who shall be residents of the City of Fargo. One member shall be a current member of the Board of City Commissioners; one member shall be a representative of the Downtown Community Partnership if available; one member shall be a representative of an established neighborhood association if available; and four members shall have a background in arts and humanities or shall have experience participating in the arts and culture activities in the community. The rest of the members shall be at large and shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to ratification and approval by the Board of City Commissioners.

The City Commission shall annually appropriate funds, within budget limitations, for the operation of the Arts and Culture Commission.