Fargo Youth Initiative

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Fargo Youth Initiative - April 10, 2018 Minutes

Tuesday 4/10
Fargo Main Library

Martha Denton
Tate Fisher
Hadley Mineer
Kyle Tekautz
Dylan Lee
Nidhi Mahale
Juliet Sampson
Jack Lingle

Speaker: Assistant City Administrator, Michael Redlinger

Administrative Distinction
Administrators are not politicians, nonpartisan, don’t run for office
Swim with the sharks, not one of the sharks
Provide policy leadership at the request of the elected officials

Fargo: 1,000 people across all city departments

City Administration
Support the efforts of the mayor (also a part time surgeon)
Duties: Budgets, human resources, hiring, onboarding, organizational development

Academic Opportunities
Assist with academic development
Connect academic opportunities with the community

Local Government Goals
The work of local government is never complete
Enacting change over time, constantly trying to improve the city
More opportunities in Fargo today, than a few decades ago