Fargo Youth Initiative

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Fargo Youth Initiative Bylaws

The name of this organization shall be the Fargo Youth Initiative and shall hereby be known as FYI.

The intent in preparing and adopting these bylaws is to provide a framework for FYI, its actions and agenda. It is not the intent of the City or the members hereinafter described to create a legal entity of any sort including without limitation, a corporation, nonprofit corporation, limited liability company, partnership nor any other business, public or quasi-public entity.

“Empowering the voice and uniting the youth of Fargo through actions and teamwork.”

“An atmosphere where youth have a positive sustainable impact on the community of Fargo.”

“Connect. Create. Educate.”

Specific Functions
Specific functions of FYI shall include, but are not limited to the following:
a. To serve as a liaison between the City of Fargo and the youth of Fargo.
b. To investigate needs, problems and issues affecting the youth of Fargo.
c. Research issues and make policy or project recommendations to the Fargo City Commission.

FYI will consist of:
a. Between 10-20 students representing grades 9-12
1. Students must live in or attend school in Fargo
2. All student members will represent all aspects of the group
b. Between 1-3 adult mentors
1. Adult mentors must live in Fargo

a. Terms shall begin in the fall of each year.
b. Applicants can reapply each year if not admitted.
c. Members can serve in FYI until graduation without reapplying each year so long as they fulfill their duties and are in good standing with the group.
d. If members have two unexcused absences they will be given a warning from the co-chairs. If members have four unexcused absences they will be asked to leave the group.
a. The executive committee will determine what is considered an acceptable excuse.

Chairperson Responsibilities
a. The Chairperson’s primary role is to keep the mission and vision at the forefront of all FYI business
and remind fellow members of the mission and vision.
b. The Chairperson will help schedule meetings, write agendas, coordinate committees, contact
advisors, and remind members of FYI and City Commission meetings.

Vice Chairperson Responsibilities
a. In the event of the absence, disability, resignation or conflict of interest of the Chairperson, the
Vice Chairperson shall exercise all the powers and duties of said Chairperson.
b. The Vice Chairperson will also help take minutes.

Election Procedure
a. Each January, one Chairperson and one Vice Chairperson will be elected to serve for one year,
unless otherwise decided by a majority vote if members determine that it would be beneficial for
the group.
b. Candidates for both positions should not be seniors.
c. Advisers will coordinate elections and tally votes.
d. Chairperson will be voted on first, then Vice Chairperson.
Candidates will have the opportunity to give a short speech about their qualifications and goals.
e. Each member will get one vote for each position. The candidate with the most votes will be
elected. In the case of a tie, the candidate with the fewest votes will be eliminated and a runoff
election between the two candidates with the highest number of votes will occur. In the case of
an unbreakable tie between two candidates, the adviser will choose the elected officer.

a. Committees will be utilized when appropriate.
b. Committees will collaborate at least monthly, either in person or online, to work toward goals and
then report back to the full group.

a. Each committee shall appoint one Committee Lead, responsible for reporting to the Chairperson
and staff, coordinating committee meetings and agendas, and ensuring adherence to goals and
b. Other committee leadership positions may be established upon the consensus of the committee.

Regular Meetings
a. Regular meetings will be held one Sunday a month at 1:30 p.m. unless otherwise specified.
b. When possible, the committees will be given time to work during the full group meeting.

Committee Meetings
a. There may be additional committee meetings scheduled as needed. These meetings will be
considered optional and attendance is not mandatory but highly encouraged.

Annual Retreat
a. An annual retreat will be held in late summer or fall to orientate the new FYI members and

a. FYI will have between 1-3 adult mentors to guide the collective work.
b. Mentors will not be voting members of FYI, instead their role is advisory: to facilitate, provide
guidance and connections, and assist committees.
c. Mentors will also assist the officers in choosing next year’s student participants.

a. An application for FYI will be open from dates in March through September.
b. The written application will consist of short essay questions and will be scored by the current
officers and advisers. They will attempt to be as objective as possible. They will look for these
criteria in the applications:
a. Teamwork
b. Leadership abilities
c. Drive/ambition to improve the community
d. Responsibility
e. Representation (i.e. from schools or grades that do not currently have representatives)
c. Selection will occur in September of each year.
d. All applicants will be notified within two weeks of the application closing of whether they were

Original bylaws approved May 2013.
Last edited and approved: January 2024