Fargo Youth Initiative

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Fargo Youth Initiative - November 18, 2018 Minutes

Sunday 11/18
Atomic Coffee

Member Attendance: Martha Denton, Tate Fisher, Olivia, Hadley Mineer, Ed Shen, Juliet Sampson
Advisors: Catlyn Christie
Others: Rachel Asleslon, Reach Partners

Item 1. Bylaws Bylaw amendments were discussed and approved.

Item 2. Art show Committee created art submission form template and is still exploring location options. Discussed possibility of combining with 2019 Impact event.

Item 3. Lunch meetings Brandi will continue coordinating excused absences. Next year’s speakers will be decided in coming weeks. The January lunch meeting was cancelled. The next speaker is YWCA on December 4.

Item 4. Strategic planning meeting Special meeting for strategic planning is to occur within next month, facilitated by Reach Partners. The goal is to Lay out priorities and hone in on what FYI wants to achieve.

Item 5. City Commission meeting Martha will attend the next City Commission meeting and report back, in accordance with FYI bylaws.

Item 6. Adjourn