Fargo Youth Initiative

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Fargo Youth Initiative - October 21, 2018 Minutes

Sunday 10/21
Atomic Coffee

Member Attendance: Martha Denton, Tate Fisher, Juliet Sampson, Ed Shen, Chloe Bry, Olivia Drake, Jack Lingle

Advisors: Catlyn Christie
Others: Rachel Asleslon, Reach Partners

Item 1. Listening Session Debrief

Item 2. Approving the Bylaws
We were unable to pass the updated bylaws due to us not having a quorum. We also need to discuss

Item 3. December lunch meeting guest
We voted on inviting the YWCA to speak at our lunch meeting in December. Also, we decided that at all schools, lunch meeting participants must sign out of their respective school.

Item 4. Arts Sub-Committee Presentation
We need to figure out who to market the event to, and the end-game goal for the event (Connect, Create, Educate).

Item 5. Strategic Planning
Solidify goals to a concrete work plan. Set this at the January meeting.

Item 6. 2019 Budgeting