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Fargo Youth Initiative - September 23, 2018 Minutes

Sunday 9/23
Red Raven Espresso Parlor

Member Attendance
Chloe Bry
Martha Denton
Olivia Drake
Tate Fisher
Ameena Jovonovich
Yvannah Marshall
Morgan Mastrud
Hadley Mineer
Juliet Sampson
Ed Shen
Erika Spanjer
Andy Tao
Mya Winjum

Catlyn Christie
Brandi Aune

Martha Denton
Tate Fisher

Hadley Mineer

Ed Shen

Application Process:
Get as many apps. as we can.
How did new people hear about it?
Counselors, Announcements, Friends on CCYC, Upperclassmen, Posters(?), Kyle
Clarify end date for applications
New applications in the spring instead of the fall.

City opportunities:
Interview with Forum (Ed already did it ?), to promote FYI
Post stuff on Fargo Public website (Kara)
Level Up: The goal is to shard data of issues (drug abuse). They want to partner with FYI to make change and
use the voice of the youth.
Presentation from them (?) or have them come to a lunch meeting
We “know” more than some of the adults of what happens with today’s youth.
Reduce drugs, reduce bullying, overall a better environment for youth.
Human relations commision: Every January there is a celebration, MLK Day. 3 awards to people or
organizations that promote MLK’s legacy. Diversity and inclusion.
Look for people to nominate people doing good in the community! Link will be sent out in e-mail or
google drive.

Online applications can be submitted through the link.
January 21st is the date of the celebration.

_Meeting schedule:
Continue the pattern of the Sunday meetings so far. 3rd Sunday week of every month.
1 Sunday meeting, but ramp up during the IMPACT
Cover main issues first, then people (if need be) can leave.

Lunch Meetings:
We need a list of people who will be attended.
Lunch meetings are not yet scheduled.
Library said that they could do Tuesdays or Thursdays.
Specific dates for lunch meetings can be decided later
We could start in October (?)
3rd period to 6th period- Figure out a different time frame because of location issues.
Ideas: United Way, Patrick Mineer, Chris from Level Up, Churches United, Drug rehabilitation
centers, Ronald Mcdonald house, Lutheran social services, Youth Court, Native American
Commission, the Human Relation commision, Pride center, YWCA, rape and abuse crisis center,
environmental organizations, VFW,
Create a Google Forum for voting on speakers.
Ideas of issues to tackle:
ELL and school is separate, social inclusion in schools. refugee inclusion issues, journey to America
writing project. Make it Fargo Wide.
Literacy in impoverished areas. Adopt a grade/classroom (read to them or be mentors), big brother
big sister program. NHS: Talk to administrators to see if we can get volunteer hours for
Including the LGBTQ+ community more, creating an open environment, work with the Pride center,
speaking up for people who can’t
Native American Commision inclusion

Art Show:
Check to see if Art is allowed, talk of it not being allowed (but in City Hall)
Talk to the people in charge of the Skyway
If we have the Arts and Culture commision helps us out, it will be much easier.
Explore a theme, take donations, no contest, promote student art.

General Goals:
Establish during the lunch meetings.
Bring something to discuss during meetings.
If you have something to address, don’t hesitate to bring it up.