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Fargo Public Library Board – April 17, 2018 Minutes

Regular Meeting: Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Board Members Present: Rachael Steenholdt, Jan Ulferts Stewart, Carlos Hawley Jr., Scott Beaulier, Mary Dickson, Carrie Peterson, Mary Batcheller
Board Members Absent:
Staff: Tim Dirks, Betsy Dauer, Lauren Johnson, Pam Strait, Beth Postema
Others Present:

President, Rachael Steenholdt called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM, and a quorum was declared.

Introductions were made to the two new Board Members, Carrie Peterson and Mary Batcheller.

Order of Agenda
A motion was made by Mary Dickson to approve the Order of the Agenda. Scott Beaulier seconded the motion; motion carried.

Minutes of February 20, 2018 Regular Meeting
Jan Ulferts Stewart moved to approve the minutes of the February 20, 2018 meeting. Mary Dickson seconded the motion; motion carried.

Minutes of March 20, 2018 Regular Meeting
Carlos Hawley Jr. moved to approve the minutes of the March 20, 2018 informational meeting. Mary Dickson seconded the motion; motion carried.

Staff Report
Staff updates and Staff development activities:
• Allison Bauers is our new Tech Services LA1.
• Five library staff members attended the Public Library Association (PLA) Conference in Philadelphia March 21st – 24th. The Public Library Association (PLA) is the largest association dedicated to supporting the unique and evolving needs of public library professionals.
• Andrea Cook and Nicole Hofer from the Circulation department are taking an American Sign Language course offered by ALA (American Library Association). This course is being paid for by the library. There were many other staff members interested in taking this course, so we hope that it is offered again.
• National Library Week was April 8th – 14th. National Library Workers Day was April 10th. The Staff Development Team provided pizza for all three locations paid for by the Friends. To end National Library Week the Staff Development Team arranged a hot dish day where staff brought a hot dish to share.

Upcoming events (a partial and incomplete list):
• The title for the 2018 One Book, One Community reading project was announced last week during National Library Week. The committee has chosen The Cartographer of No Man’s Land by P.S. Duffy. An author visit & ‘Tea with the Author’ event are planned for Thursday, Oct. 25. More events are planned for September and October; these will be announced at a later date.
• In honor of National Poetry Month, the Fargo Public Library is hosting workshops to help local poets. Adults of all experience levels are welcome. Please bring four copies each of two original poems. Refreshments will be provided. Pre-registration is required. This event is being offered on Tuesday, April 17 – Main Library from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and Saturday, April 21 – Dr. James Carlson Library from 1 to 3 p.m.
• In May, the library will host Crazy Horse family members Floyd Clown & Doug War Eagle & author William Matson for a book discussion and book signing of their book Crazy Horse: The Lakota Warrior's Life & Legacy based on the family's oral history. This event is free and open to all ages. Books will be available for purchase. Sunday, May 13 – Dr. James Carlson Library at 2 p.m.

Notable Past events & programs (again, a partial list):
Children’s Programming:
• The library’s production of the Wizard of Oz was on March 27th. The performance wrapped up the 12 weeks of practice, and we overall a great experience for the children who participated in this program. We had about 400 people in attendance including the cast, crew, and audience. Thank you to the Friends for their donation to this program.
• The Parrots Pals program on April 2nd had 109 people in attendance. Families learned how the C.A.A.R.E. volunteers help rescue exotic birds, and find out how to care for them as pets.

Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator, Pam Strait thanked Board Members for volunteering their time serving on the Library Board and invited them to the volunteer appreciation event which will be held April 24th from 11am-1pm. National volunteer appreciation week is April 15th-21st.

President, Rachael Steenholdt opened the floor for comments. No comments.

Director’s Report
Director Tim Dirks referred the Board to his written report in the Board Packet focusing on a meeting with City Administration. This was a follow up meeting about safety and security at the Library as well as requesting two additional Library Associate II’s. April 30th Director Dirks will meet with City Finance to officially request funding for those positions and additional funding for added security.

President, Rachael Steenholdt opened the floor for comments. No comments.

Statistical Reports
The library had 38,799 registered patrons for the month of March. Attendance was up 2% year to date. Program attendance was up 3% year to date. Volunteer hours were down 15% year to date due to being down a shelving volunteer. Internet signups were up 3% year to date. Print circulation was up 0.45% year to date. Nonprint circulation was down 3.28% year to date. Total circulation year to date is 242,293.

Incoming donations totaled $92,907 and expenditures of donations totaled $637. The year is 25% lapsed while the budget is 25.94% expended. Revenue is approximately where it was anticipated to be at $21,022.67.

President, Rachael Steenholdt opened the floor for comments. No comments.

Friends of the Library Report
There was no Friends report.

Old Business
No old business.

New Business
Strategic Plan Documentation Presentation:
Plan presented by consultant Jane Darling from Maverick & Boutique:
- Our Vision:
The Fargo Public Library will be a model of excellence in library services and the primary place in the community for people of all ages to fulfill their informational, recreational, and lifelong learning needs.
- Our Mission:
The Fargo Public Library provides effective and efficient library services to meet our Community’s personal, professional, and lifelong learning needs.
- Our Values:
We offer free, open and equitable access to information, technology, and community resources.
We are culturally aware and engaged with our community.
We strengthen our community by valuing and respecting differences to promote inclusiveness.
We welcome and serve everyone.
- Goal 1. Professional & Organizational:
The Fargo Public Library will increase staff capacity by providing training, increasing effective communication, and reviewing and evaluating policies and procedures.
- Goal 2. Programming:
The Fargo Public Library will improve patron satisfaction by refining program planning, staffing and internal processes.
- Goal 3. Collections & Services:
The Fargo Public Library will develop collections and services by evaluating relevancy, identifying potential gaps, and exploring innovative opportunities.
- Goal 4. Partnering:
The Fargo Public Library will develop community partnerships that will increase visibility, maximize resources, and strengthen community collaboration.
- Goal 5. Technology & Infrastructure:
The Fargo Public Library will optimize infrastructure by providing safe and accessible spaces, identifying user- friendly technology, and utilizing and strengthening financial resources.
- Goal 6. Marketing:
The Fargo Public Library will increase community awareness and support of collections and services by utilizing creative messaging, engaging community outreach, and enhancing our voice via partnerships.

After Board discussion Jan Ulferts Stewart made a motion to accept the plan as written. Carlos Hawley Jr. seconded the motion; motion carried.

Dusek Estate Donation:
Director Dirks explained that Mr. Dusek had named the Fargo Public Library in his estate. When Mr. Dusek passed away in early 2018 a donation in the amount of $91,836.60 was received with an additional amount expected as the estate is fully distributed. Director Dirks proposed the Board approve that the total donation be transferred to the Library Endowment Fund at FM Area Foundation. The Library has two endowment funds at FM Area Foundation, one that is more accessible than the other.

After Board discussion Scott Beaulier made a motion to move the total Dusek donation to the endowment fund that is more accessible. Jan Ulferts Stewart seconded the motion; motion carried.

Meeting Room Policy Review:
Director Tim Dirks referred the Board to the Meeting Room Policy in the Board Packet. No changes were recommended.

Jan Ulferts Stewart suggested tabling the Meeting Room Policy until after staff reviews it according to the recently approved Strategic Plan. Board agreed to table the Meeting Room Policy Review.

Naming Rights Policy Review:
Director Tim Dirks referred the Board to the Naming Rights Policy in the Board Packet and passed around a supplemental document titled “Naming Opportunities with Donation Levels”. No changes were recommended.

A motion was made by Jan Ulferts Stewart to approve the Naming Rights Policy with the “Naming Opportunities with Donation Levels” document added to the policy. Carlos Hawley Jr. seconded the motion; motion carried.

Outreach Policy Review:
Director Tim Dirks referred the Board to the Outreach Policy in the Board Packet. No changes were recommended.

President, Rachael Steenholdt requested in the last bullet point that “Community Events” be lower case and the last sentence of the last bullet point be added to the previous sentence as “and attend” instead of how it is currently written. A motion was made by Carlos Hawley Jr. to approve the Outreach Policy as discussed. Scott Beaulier seconded the motion; motion carried.

Election of Vice President:
President, Rachael Steenholdt opened the floor to nominations for Vice President as prior Board member Howard Barlow stepped down leaving a vacancy in the position. Carlos Hawley Jr. nominated Mary Dickson. Jan Ulferts Stewart seconded the motion. The Board voted all in favor of Mary Dickson as Vice President. Motion carried.

Mary Dickson will serve as Vice President until the annual meeting in July 2018 when regular election of President and Vice President occur.

Public Comment
There was no public comment.

Jan Ulferts Stewart asked if there was any backlash from the letter to the editor that was published on INFORUM April 13, 2018. Director Dirks explained that there is a policy in place is being followed.

Next Board Meeting
The next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

The meeting adjourned at 5:23 PM.