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Fargo Public Library Board - November 19, 2019 Minutes

Regular Meeting: Tuesday, November 19, 2019 Minutes

Board Members Present: Rachael Steenholdt, Mary Batcheller, Carlos Hawley Jr., Whitney Oxendahl, Scott Beaulier, Carrie Peterson
Board Members Absent: Jan Ulferts Stewart
Staff: Tim Dirks, Beth Postema, Sunny Branick, Betsy Dauer
Others Present: Mary Beth Hegstad

President, Rachael Steenholdt called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM, and a quorum was declared.

Order of Agenda
A motion was made by Carlos Hawley Jr. to approve the Order of the Agenda. Scott Beaulier seconded the motion; motion carried.

Minutes of October 15, 2019 Regular Meeting
Carlos Hawley Jr. made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 15, 2019 meeting. Carrie Peterson seconded the motion; motion carried.

Staff Report
Sunny Branick presented a few highlights of staff updates and events.

Staff updates and Staff development activities:
• Hiring update – Peder Hinderlie has been hired as a LAI at Main, the Carlson LAI position has been offered to a candidate.
• NEW Lucky Day Collection – The Lucky Day Collection is a first-come-first-serve model for Fargo Public Library’s most popular books. Items in the Lucky Day Collection cannot be placed on hold, cannot be renewed, and are 1-week loans. Patrons may check out two at a time.

For a full list of all upcoming FPL activity visit
Upcoming Events & Programs (a partial and incomplete list):
• Nov. 27 – Main Library at 2 p.m. Frog and Toad are Friend. Join your good friends Frog and Toad as they bring to life one of their charming, classic stories as written and illustrated by Arthur Lobel. Then enjoy related activities and snacks. This event is geared towards readers ages 6 to 10 years old. No pre-registration is required.
• Dec. 6 – Main Library at 6:30 p.m. Nutcracker Sneak Peek Storytime and Ballet Class. Gasper's School of Dance/F-M Ballet, will provide a fun-filled evening at the Main Library downtown. We'll listen to a story and then spend time moving and stretching while getting basic techniques and lessons on different types of dance. This dance series is open to children ages 3 to 12 years. No pre-registration is required.

• Nov. 21 – Northport Library at 4 p.m. Lego Ornament. We’ll provide all the materials necessary to make a festive and fun holiday ornament from Legos. Ages 10-18. All materials provided. Pre-registration required.
• Dec. 7 – Main Library at 11 a.m. Lightsaber Craft. Prepare yourself for the upcoming Star Wars film by making your very own lightsaber. Grades 6-12. All materials provided. Pre-registration required. Registration opens November 18.
• Dec. 16 - Northport Library at 6:30 p.m. Y.A. Book Club. This is a quarterly book club designed for those ages 15-20. December's book is Bloodleaf by Crystal Smith. Snacks will be provided. No registration required. Contact Sara at 701.298.6960 for more info or to get a copy of this month's book.

• Remarkable Women on Screen. Local film critic Matt Olien along with film historian and former Concordia College Professor Tony McRae and his wife, Michele, will host a film series featuring extraordinary women. A short discussion will follow each screening. Free popcorn.
• Nov. 24 – Main Library at 2 p.m. Erin Brockovich (2000) Rated R
• Dec. 1 – Main Library at 2 p.m. Hidden Figures (2016) Rated PG
• Dec. 7 – Dr. James Carlson Library at 10 a.m. Fall Tea Tasting Series. Explore some of the many unique teas available. Samples of 4 different teas from around the globe will be provided each month, along with brewing tips and relevant information on the background of that month’s selection. Bring a friend so you can sip tea and socialize. Program is recommended for adults. Pre-registration is required. Contact Katrina at 701.241.1494 with any questions.
• Mental Wellness Education Series. The library, in partnership with Prairie St. John's, is hosting a 4-part mental wellness education series this fall at the Main Library. No registration is required for these sessions and all materials will be provided. For information about these workshops, contact Lori at 701.476.5977.
• Nov. 20 – 6:30 p.m. QPR: Question, Persuade, Refer for Suicide Prevention. In this suicide prevention education session with Monica Kramer McConkey, LPC, from Prairie St. John’s, you will learn how to identify facts about suicidal behavior, describe risk and protective factors, and recognize warning signs of suicide risk.

Multigenerational Events
• Trivia at the Library: Disney Edition. Have you and your team seen every Disney movie? Do you know all the theme songs? Then for the first time in forever, join us under the sea, and before the stroke of midnight to test your knowledge! We’ll provide the snacks and nostalgia. Groups and individuals are welcome and pre-registration is requested but not required. Contact Amber at 701.241.1495 with any questions.
• Nov. 26 – Main Library at 6:30 p.m. (Adults and teens only)
• Nov. 29 – Main Library at 2 p.m. (Family, Kids Ages 6 and up)

Community Engagement Events (all ages events)
• Chamber’s Leadership Class Nov. 14 – Beth will be there to let them know about the library’s resources for lifelong learning
• Pangea Nov. 16 – Hjemkomst Center
• Christkindlmarkt Nov 21 – Drekker Brewhalla

Director’s Report
Director Tim Dirks referred the Board to his written report in the Board Packet.

Statistical Reports
The library had 37,086 registered patrons for the month of October. Attendance was down 5% year to date. Program attendance was up 28% year to date. Volunteer hours were down 4% year to date. Internet signups were down 14% year to date. Print circulation was up 2.23% year to date. Nonprint circulation was up 1.52% year to date. Total circulation year to date is 889,112 circulations.

The year is 83% lapsed while the budget is 78.67% expended. There was $2,250 incoming donations. Expenditures of donations totaled $4,812. Revenue is at $47,128.64 year to date.

Friends of the Library Report
Mary Beth Hegstad gave a Friends report. She reported that the Fall Book Sale and One Book One Community events were very successful. Jan Murphy, long time bookstore manager, will be retiring December 1st and Rachel Rawley will be the new bookstore manager. They are making small changes to the appearance of the bookstore and the name will be “Second Editions”.

Unfinished Business
No unfinished business.

New Business
Computer Use Policy Draft
Director Tim Dirks referred the Board to the Computer Use Policy Draft in the Board Packet, noting the changes in red.

The discussed changes were adding the word “or” instead of the comma between “tribal ID, ID stored on phone” and capitalize the word “public” in Fargo Public Library in the second to last paragraph as Fargo and Library are capitalized.

A question was asked as to the amount of time patrons are denied access due to violations of the policy. Director Dirks stated that while there is some leeway by location, the standard time is six months. He referenced the library’s computer use violation procedure as the guidelines followed by staff. He stated his support for having the procedure be reflected in the policy. It was requested that the procedure be on the agenda for the December meeting.

A question was asked in regards to the 60 minute time limit for a guest pass. Director Dirks stated that the guest pass is designed for patrons who only wish to have access to public Internet without getting a library card. Deputy Director Beth Postema stated that most users are satisfied with the one hour and that patrons who wish to have more time are informed of the option of getting a library card.

A motion was made by Carrie Peterson to approve the Computer Use Policy with the changes discussed. Mary Batcheller seconded the motion; motion carried.

Reference Policy Draft
Director Tim Dirks referred the Board to the Reference Policy Draft in the Board Packet, noting the changes in red.

A motion was made by Carlos Hawley Jr. to approve the Reference Policy with the draft language as written. Scott Beaulier seconded the motion; motion carried.

Rules of Conduct Policy Draft
Director Tim Dirks referred the Board to the Rules of Conduct Policy Draft in the Board Packet, noting the changes in red.

The discussed changes were removing the word “downtown” in the paragraph that starts with “For purposes of these rules” and capitalizing “Main Library” in the same sentence.

A motion was made by Carrie Peterson to approve the Rules of Conduct Policy with the changes discussed. Carlos Hawley Jr. seconded the motion; motion carried.

Public Comment
No public comment.

Next Board Meeting
The next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 17, 2019 at 4:00 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 4:55 PM.