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Fargo Public Library Board - January 28, 2020 Minutes

Library Board Orientation Committee Minutes for Tuesday January 28th at 4 p.m. held in the Main Library.

Committee Members Present: Rachael Steenholdt, Mary Batcheller, Whitney Oxendahl, Jan Ulferts Stewart
Staff: Tim Dirks

President, Rachael Steenholdt called the meeting to order at 4:03 PM

Order of Agenda:
A motion was made by Mary Batcheller to approve the Order of the Agenda. Jan Ulferts Stewart seconded the motion; motion carried.

New Business:
Discussion of Goals and Timeline.

A three step process for new board members will be identified and detailed:
• Meeting with the Director to provide an overview of the organization and salient documents.
• An onboarding packet that will outline duties, expectations, scope of authority, code of ethics
• Meeting with the Library Board President to clarify orientation documentation and discuss expectations.

A three month timeline for the development of the orientation process was identified.

The onboarding packet will also be utilized as a basis for Library Board evaluation on an annual basis.

A motion was made by Mary Batcheller to accept the identified goals and timeline. Jan Ulferts Stewart seconded the motion; motion carried.

Review of Current & Potential Orientation Elements:

It was decided that the current documents that are provided at orientation will continue to be part of the process. The committee will utilize the Public Library Trustee Ethics Statement from ALA and Nebraska Library Board Manual from the Nebraska Library Commission. Elements of the Kentucky Dept. of Libraries. The documents will be made available in Word format and each committee members will be able to revise prior to the next meeting.

A motion was made by Jan Ulferts Stewart to proceed as identified. Mary Batcheller second the motion; motion carried.

Public Comment:
No public comment.

Next Board Meeting:
The next Committee Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 25th at 4:00 PM.
The meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Timothy S. Dirks, MLIS, MPA