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Native American Commission - July 6, 2017

Regular Meeting: Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Regular Meeting of the Board of Native American Commission of the City of Fargo, North Dakota, was called to order in the City of Commission Room at City Hall at 5:43 PM, Thursday, July 6, 2017.

Chair Guy Fox open the NAC monthly meeting at 5:43 pm.

Commissioners: John Strand, Guy Fox, Clinton Alexander, Lenore King

No Quorum

City Staff: Willard Yellow Bird, Cultural Planner, Vince Kempt Police Liaison, Ross Renner Deputy Police Chief

May and June minutes tabled and July agenda reviewed.

Communities Updates:

Public Relations:
1. World Garden - The Fargo Project reached out to the Native Commission to be involved in the 2017 Summer Series at the World Garden Commons at Rabanus Park. Rachel Asleson from the Reach Partners would like the NA commission to help setup a program this summer to show case the Native cultural tradition. Lenore King will work with Ms. Asleson to follow through with this program on August 20 and the Fargo Project will to give financial support for this the Mini-powwow at the park for the community from 1 pm to 4 pm. Commissioner Alexander was wandering if this is program is the same time of the Native American Community Picnic, which was noted that the NA Community Picnic was the following Saturday, August 26 at Oakgrove Park. A subcommittee was form to help with this mini-powwow program, they will be asking community members to come with their dance regalia to help provide a small Grand Entry and at least two drums.

2. Cultural Competence Training – Officer NA liaison Vince Kempf met with Guy Fox at the Police Picnic and discuss that they should meet to discuss the a goals of cultural training . Clinton said the Wellness committee would also pick up this discussing at their next schedule meeting. Chair Fox question, how, do we go forward with a good structure with Mayor and education on competence training with the help of Ruth Buffalo. Office Vince Kempf and Chair Guy Fox said they would meet and discuss ways to improve cultural competences awareness for the police dept. Commissioner John Strand said there is room for cultural understand to all of the community towards a completely long-term goal cultural awareness. Deputy Chief Ross Renner said he also visited with the native commissioners at the police picnic and came away with the understanding that made him reflect what the commission has been doing for the native community and for the new tribal members who are moving to the Fargo area. Deputy Chief Renner said, the police dept. needs to have a partnership and improve the relationship with native community not when something happen but to have an on go relationship.


1. Fargo Police Picnic June 27 - to make sure the Buffalo River singers and dancers are contacted for the police picnic program and volunteers for the booth./ goal met
2. Education committee meet and discuss the Public Hearing on the Indian Education program/committee needs meet to partnership with area schools and colleges/expand on students data/get more information for school at the NA community picnic
3. Office Vince Kempf and Chair Fox will meet and discuss way to improve cultural competences awareness.
4. Lenore King will reach to Ms. Asleson to help with 2017 Summer Series at the World Garden Commons for a native cultural program
5. Guy will reach to the Administrator of the Fargo Website Sweat Lodge to add on a NA commissioner as an administrator/not met
6. Follow up on the NA commission vacate position/two application in for the position, Connie Longie might be resigning because of her job, review new applicants by executive committee
7. Send thank you letters to drum groups, Sisseton/ Wahpeton Oyate Chairman, and the First United Methodist church/need to get the letters out
8. Follow up with the Fargo Public Library and Cultural Diversity on their November Native American month for financial support for their native awareness week.

Recap: goals for August

Clinton Alexander - Health needs assessment, health fair, information sheet at the picnic

Lenora King -Follow up with the Fargo Public Library and Cultural Diversity on their November Native American month for financial support for their native awareness week about $100 dollars and members of the commissioners to be there for a introduce their self

Lenora King - Plan the Fargo project by next week

Clinton outline general concept the cultural plan

Education committee for August action plan

Executive committee to discuss new meeting time

Executive Committee to form nomination committee to recommend to the mayor new applicants

John Strand the Native American commission needs to work with Bonanzaville with cultural program

Sweat Lodge Web up date

Adjourn 6:45 PM