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Media Relations

Requirements & Guidelines for Program Submission

  1. Broadcasters must submit a program information and release form before their programming can air on the public access channel.
  2. Programs must be delivered at least 72 hours before their scheduled air time.
  3. Programs should be dropped off in the “In” box located inside the Fargo City Commission offices at 225 4th Street North. City Commission office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  4. After broadcast, the City of Fargo will place DVDs in the “Out” box inside the Commission offices for pickup. Broadcasters must pick up their program within 30 days or it will be discarded.
  5. The City of Fargo reserves the right to reject a program for broadcast if it violates any of the standards set forth in the program information and release form.
  6. The City of Fargo reserves the right to reject a program for broadcast if it violates the city’s audio and video quality standards or does not meet the requirements for program submission discussed in this document.
  7. Programs must be submitted in DVD-R format and setup in autoplay format. DVDs must be labeled with the program title and length. All DVDs should be in a case.
  8. Programs will not be accepted via FTP.
  9. Cable One can lend a broadcast equipment package to broadcasters wishing to produce their own programming. Contact Tami Rostad at 701.461.7170 for more information.
  10. Programs less than 15 minutes in length will be used as filler programming and aired when space is available.
  11. Programs scheduled for a 30 minute timeslot should not exceed 28:30 and programs scheduled for a 60 minute time slot should not exceed 58:30. Longer programs may be cut off early to prepare for broadcast of the next show in the schedule.
  12. The City of Fargo reserves the right to change the instructions and requirements for program submission at anytime. A printable version of this information is available in PDF format.