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Step 2: New Project Submittal

This step consists of submitting the appropriate number of complete project plan sets to the City of Fargo Inspections Department. The plans will then be routed by the Inspections Department to the various City departments for an in-depth review.

Who: Architects, contractors, developers, owners or their representative(s)

What: Initiate the project approval/permitting process by dropping off the appropriate documents, completing necessary paperwork and paying the required fee.

Required documents/information include (but are not limited to):

  • Address of project, name and contact information for the project contact person
  • To-scale, stamped and signed drawings showing the site, underground utilities, site grading and paving, storm water treatments, site property and easement lines, site landscaping and parking plans
  • Building architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical plans
  • Elevation drawings
  • Any other pertinent information required to indicate all City requirements are being met

When: Regular office hours, Monday through Friday

Where: Inspections Department, City Hall

Why: To request a building permit from the City

Commercial Project Applications & Permit Fees

The Inspections Department houses documents needed for commercial permit applications and project fees. For assistance, contact the Inspections Department by email or call 701.241.1561.

Required Plans & Documents

View a detailed list of Required Plans & Documents* to begin the process for filing a project submittal.

*A valid email address for the applicant will be required to maintain communication during the application process and to send documents if needed.

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