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Commercial Building Permits & Fees

Effective January 1, 2024

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Project Valuations

Permit applicants must provide a valuation for all work on a project. That valuation must be separated into two totals:

  • Building Valuation
  • Parking Lot Valuation

Valuations are reviewed in phases:

  • When an application is submitted
  • Before the permit is issued

Any entity may be asked to provide a final valuation to ensure that all necessary items are accounted for.

The Inspections Department uses the current International Code Council (ICC) building valuation data as a guide for calculating permit valuations, less 15% for local area considerations. The ICC data is used so that all issues of material costs, time of year, weather, employee issues, labor cost issues, etc., are not a factor when determining the final valuation of a project.

The Building Official makes the final valuation determination as required in the building code.

Content Updated March, 2022

Additional Permits & Fees

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Building Permit Fee Calculator