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Plan Submittal Requirements & Plan Routing Information

The Inspections Department receives and routes plans to various departments as part of the permitting process.

The plan holder must provide the information required so the Inspections Department can route plans in a timely manner. Failure on your part to provide completed, sufficient and correct documentation may result in delays to your project.

Plan Routing Application

Any applicable routing and review fee may be charged to the designer of record or other existing account if noted when you submit your plans. Plans submitted for such projects without either the fee or arrangements for its billing will not be routed until payment is settled. These fees are based on the full value of the finished building, even when the submittal is for site work or a foundation only.

  • As of January 1, 2018, a fee will be obtained for all projects requiring a plan review.
  • The plan review fee is twenty (20) percent of the attributable building permit fee. Minimum fee is $40.00.

Begin the Commercial Permit and Plan Routing Application and view Commercial Project Fees.

Required Plan Information

View the Required Plans & Documents to learn more about the process.