Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call if I have no water due to frozen water lines?

During normal day hours (M-F from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm) call the meter shop at 701.241.1468
After hours (weekends or after 4:00 pm) call 701.241.1469 and ask for the "on-call" meter person for frozen water lines.

Are there term limits for Fargo City Commissioners?

A City Commissioner is limited to serving three consecutive four-year terms. If a commissioner vacates their position before their term has expired, the person who fills that seat can serve three full terms in addition to the remaining months of the seat left vacant.

Any member who has served in the capacity of Mayor, as well as City Commissioner, may not serve more than four consecutive four-year terms. (Fargo's mayor is considered a member of the City Commission.)

After you've served the maximum number of terms, can you ever be a candidate again?

Yes, you can run for office in the next regular election. If you win, your term limits will start over.

Is there a limit on the amount of campaign contributions a candidate may receive?


Do candidates report their campaign contributions?

If they receive $200 or more from any one person or group, candidates must report this amount to the Cass County Auditor's Office on forms provided by the State of North Dakota.