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Criteria for Replacement

A deficient sidewalk generally contains one or more of the following six replacement criteria:

  1. Crack - Any separation of the sidewalk other than at the planned joints. Any crack ¼” wide or more requires repair.
  2. Trip Hazard - Vertical movement of the sidewalk either at a joint or a crack. Movement more than ¼” high requires repair.
  3. Spalling - Characterized by the smooth surface breaking off, exposing the rocks in the concrete. Generally, pit depths of ¼” or more require repair.
  4. Settlement - Sidewalk that's either settled to a slope greater than ¼” per foot or holds water will require repair. Settlement is commonly found over utility trenches.
  5. Heaving - Sidewalk heaving having resulted in a slope greater than ¼” per foot requires repair. This is commonly caused by tree roots.
  6. Missing - Sidewalk sections are missing, usually due to utility work or being badly broken up.