Sidewalk Reconstruction Process

Below is an overview of the sidewalk reconstruction process:

  • A City of Fargo inspector will inspect and mark sidewalk panels that meet the replacement criteria for the reconstruction of deficient sidewalks.
  • Once the deficient sidewalk has been marked, the contractor will begin sawing, removing, and disposing of the old sections of concrete.
  • The contractor will then remove any excess fill material and replace it with 2” of Class 5 aggregate. Forms will then be placed and the Class 5 will be tamped for compaction.
  • Rebar will be placed per City specifications, and dowels will be drilled and inserted into the adjoining sections of existing sidewalk.
  • Upon successful inspection by the City inspector, the contractor will be allowed to begin pouring sidewalk.
  • Once the concrete has been poured and allowed adequate time to "set up", the forms will be removed and the sidewalk will be backfilled with topsoil.
  • Once the backfilling has been completed, the topsoil will be hydro seeded.
  • Upon completion of the backfilling and hydro seeding process, it will then be the homeowner’s responsibility to water and weed as necessary in order to achieve successful turf establishment.