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Neighborhood Land Use Plans

The Neighborhood Land Use Plan contains a combination of maps, policies and guidelines. After the Land Use Plan has been developed by the City of Fargo Planning Department and neighborhood residents, it will be reviewed by both the Fargo Planning Commission and Fargo City Commission. After final approval and adoption, it will be used to help guide future zoning decisions within a neighborhood.

  • The Neighborhood Land Use Plan represents the vision community members have for future use and development of land within the neighborhood.
  • It serves as a guide to any change in character of individual properties as they change from one use to another over time.
  • It provides a rational basis for establishing and modifying zoning and other land use and development regulations.
  • It provides a broad set of policies that can be used in making public and private decisions on projects that come before the government.
  • It becomes a valuable tool of communication between citizens and the local government on matters concerning land use and development.