Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for transportation on Sunday?
Taxi cab services offer same day transportation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The City of Fargo provides a lift equipped van for Fargo and West Fargo residents who are eligible for MAT Paratransit. Transit Alternatives offers the general public a limited fixed route service in Moorhead with a lift equipped van. It is best to call the other lift equipped transportation providers several days before Sunday to see if they have transportation available. MATBUS does not offer fixed route service on Sunday.

Which local transportation providers accept North Dakota Medicaid?
Doyles Yellow Checker Cab, FM Mobility Care, Handi-Wheels Transportation and Lakes Medi-Van (stretcher only) accept North Dakota Medicaid.

Which local transportation providers accept Minnesota Medicaid?
Anytime Transportation, FM Mobility Care, Lakes Medi-Van, and Ready Wheels accept Minnesota Medicaid.

Do I have to make a reservation for lift/ramp equipped transportation?
Reservations are encouraged but not required for Anytime Transportation, CareAVan, FM Mobility Care, and Ready Wheels. Reservations made at least one day before the scheduled ride are required for Handi-Wheels Transportation, Lakes Medi-Van, and MAT Paratransit. No notice required for Transit Alternatives Clay County service, but two days notice required for Otter Tail County. All Metro Area Transit (MAT) fixed route buses have ramps and can be used on any route.

What is the difference between a shared ride service and individual service?
Shared ride service means other passengers may be on board during any part of the trip and scheduled pick up times or routes of travel may be altered so another passenger can be accommodated. It is likely the ride won't always be a direct route to the passenger's destination without any stops. All trips are coordinated to carry as many passengers as possible to help lower the cost of the service.

Individual service is directly from the passenger's home to their destination. No other passengers share the vehicle during that trip.

Are there any local special services available for people over age 60?
Metro Senior Ride provides door to door service for people over age 60 for $3.00 per ride in Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and Dilworth. Lucky 7 Taxi Service offer a 10% discount off metered fare. People over age 60 can ride the Metro Area Transit fixed route for 75 cents (half the regular fare of $1.50). Grocery shopping trips from senior housing locations are offered by Metro Senior Ride and Transit Alternatives.

Who can provide emergency transportation?
None of the transportation providers identified are equipped to offer emergency transportation. That service is provided by F-M Ambulance. Call 911 if emergency transportation is needed.

Do drivers have specialized medical training?
Most drivers have very little medical training besides standard First Aid. If a rider is medically fragile, the rider is encouraged to bring a personal care attendant. Most transportation providers allow the attendant to ride for free with the passenger. The driver's attention is required to safely operate the vehicle during the ride.

My daughter with a developmental disability is graduating from high school and will be attending a day support program. She was determined eligible for Paratransit. How is Paratransit different from school district transportation?

  1. Paratransit is public transportation comparable to the fixed route bus (long buses that make scheduled stops on a designated route). Paratransit eligibility is granted to people who are unable to functionally use the fixed route system, whether it is physically, cognitively, or emotionally.
  2. Paratransit is a shared ride service. The drivers and riders can vary day to day. It is possible for her to ride with strangers on the bus for up to one hour.
  3. Metro Area Transit does not provide aides or personal care attendants on the fixed route bus. As a service comparable to the fixed route, Paratransit does not provide aides or personal care attendants on Paratransit vehicles. The driver is responsible for safely securing and transporting riders in a 14 passenger vehicle. It is not unusual for the driver to leave the vehicle unattended while assisting another passenger to the door. Drivers do not have the specialized training required of the school district, day program providers, or residential providers.
  4. It is her responsibility to bring a personal care attendant if she cannot ride unattended with strangers for up to an hour. If it is not safe for her to be alone with strangers or she is not capable of responding to non-routine situations in other aspects of her life, please give Paratransit the same consideration.
  5. MAT Paratransit is a door to door service, not person to person. This means the Paratransit driver is not responsible for making sure a staff person is present when a vulnerable rider arrives at their destination. MAT Paratransit does not guarantee a drop off time. The rider can be dropped off anytime up to an hour after being picked up. It is the responsibility of the rider and their staff to make sure there is someone present at their destination.