Resident FAQ

Question: My smoke detector is beeping and there isn't any fire. What's wrong?
Answer: The detector may be full of dust and lint. Try cleaning it out with a vacuum cleaner. The detector may also sound from triggers other than just smoke. Aerosol products or steam from a shower may trigger detectors to sound. Finally, the battery or detector may be wearing out. The life expectancy of a smoke detector is 7-10 years; it may be time to replace yours.

Question: Can I have a bonfire (recreational fire) in my yard?
Answer: Yes, you can have a bonfire in your yard, if you follow the recreational fire rules

Applicant FAQ

Question: How long does the hiring process take to become a Fargo Firefighter?
Answer: At minimum, the hiring process takes around 3 months but can extend up to a year depending on the number of applicants and spaces open in each academy for the year. After an applicant is selected for the testing process, additional information about the hiring timeline will be shared.

Question: When and where can I apply to become a Fargo Firefighter?
Answer: The application for the position of Firefighter is only open at certain times of the year. If the job posting is not published at this time, we encourage those interested in applying to set up a job posting alert for the “Fire & EMS” category on The City of Fargo careers page. This alert will send an email notification when the next application period opens.

Question: How can I prepare for the physical agility test that is part of the applicant testing process?
Answer: After an applicant is selected for the testing process, The Fargo Fire Department offers practice physical agility testing opportunities. The practice agility test allows applicants to improve any specific areas of physical agility prior to the real test. The details of these practice tests will be shared with applicants after they meet the prerequisites and can move forward with the testing process.