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Compliments and Complaints

It is the intention of the Fargo Fire Department (FFD) to provide guidance and a process for reporting, investigating, and tracking both internal and external compliments and complaints regarding the FFD or its members.

How to File a Compliment or Complaint

In Person: During normal business hours, citizens may come to Fargo Fire Department headquarters located at 637 Northern Pacific Ave. N. to file a complement or complaint. The file will be received by on-site staff.
By Phone: 701.241.1540
By Fax: 701.241.8125
By Email: Complete the form below, then email to Professional Standards Officer Craig Nelson at
By Mail: Complete the form below, then print and mail to: Re: Fargo Fire Department, 637 Northern Pacific Ave. N., Fargo, ND 58102.


The Fargo Fire Department takes all complaints involving its members and service seriously. The FFD will record all complaints. It is the policy of the FFD to ensure the community and members can report misconduct without concern for reprisal or retaliation.

In the event that a person has a compliment or complaint about individuals or services, they should report it by completing the Fargo Fire Department Compliment and Complaint Form (FFD Compliment and Complaint Form). Complaints may come from within the organization. Complaints may also come from outside of the organization. In either case, persons with a complaint should be directed to complete the FFD Complaint Form. The first page of the form should be completed by the person with the complaint. FFD Complaint Forms can be completed electronically or on paper.


Professional Standards Officer: FFD person responsible for complaint process and investigation – AC of Support Services.

Complaint: Allegation from someone about an act or omission, that if found to be true after an investigation, would be considered employee misconduct. It can also be a statement of dissatisfaction from someone regarding an employee(s), policy, practice, or service provided by the fire department.

Investigation: Process where a complaint is reviewed by the appropriate person as directed by the professional standards officer. The review will include gathering an oral or written description from both/all sides involved in the incident. The review will also include gathering information from all witnesses and any other sources regarding the incident.


A. Internal
i. If the complaint is internal, the form should be completed and turned into the employee’s supervisor if the supervisor is not involved in the complaint. Supervisors receiving a complaint should ensure the first page of the form is completed, begin follow-up with the employee about the incident, and forward the form to the FFD Professional Standards Officer (AC of support Services).

ii. The supervising officer will conduct the initial investigation and make a recommendation to the FFD Professional standards Officer. The report must still be submitted to the FFD Professional Standards Officer.

iii. If the complaint is internal and a supervisor is involved in the complaint, the employee should complete the first page of the form and forward it directly to the FFD Professional Standards Officer (AC of Support Services).

iv. The FFD Professional Standards Officer will conduct the initial investigation and follow-up on the complaint.

B. External
i. If the complaint is external the fire department, personnel receiving the complaint shall direct the complainant to the FFD Complaint Form. The complaint form should then be forwarded to the FFD Professional Standards Officer (AC of Support Services).

ii. All employees are reminded to assist people who have a complaint by explaining the process, by helping them get the form (electronically or paper), and by helping with forwarding if the person needs.

C. Anonymous Complaints
i. An investigation is essential to determining the veracity of a complaint and determining the root cause

ii. An anonymous complaint makes the process unreliable because the investigator cannot follow up with additional questions or to gather more information

iii. Anonymous complaints without any other witnesses will be investigated and held on record to help identify a trend but will not be forwarded to human resources unless the alleged behavior, action, or service problem can be substantiated through a third party such as a witness, full length video, etc.

Complaint Tracking

Completed complaint forms will be kept securely in case of future need. All sustained complaints received will be forwarded to The City of Fargo Human Resources Department after investigation for review by their office to ensure appropriate handling of each complaint. All criminal complaints will be forwarded to the Fargo Police Department for assistance and appropriate handling.