Fire Team

The Fargo Fire Department

The Fargo Fire Department is a progressive department balancing community risk reduction with professional emergency response. The department has been accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International since 2010 and is an Insurance Services Office Class 1 Fire Department.

The department is divided into four divisions:

  • Operations
  • Prevention
  • Training
  • Emergency Management

Typical Day

Fire Department personnel begin their career in the operations division. Operations personnel work 24-hour shifts spread across seven stations to provide responsive service at any time of the day or night every day. Operations personnel balance their time between training for responding to emergencies, performing community risk reduction activities and responding to emergency calls.

Typical daily activities include:

  • Suppression, hazardous materials, technical rescue or EMS training
  • Fire prevention inspections
  • Public education events
  • Responding to calls that can include EMS, fire, vehicle accidents, activated fire alarms and many other types of calls
  • Maintaining the City's fire hydrants and Fire Department equipment
  • Familiarization with buildings in a crew's response area