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Permanent Signs

Permanent signs are limited by height and area, but not number. Permanent signs require a "one-time" permit. The maximum area for all signs at a property is either 30% of the front "face" area of the building or 2.5 square feet for every lineal foot of lot frontage. Multi-tenant buildings and corner lots have additional rules that govern allowable signage.

Permits for signs that are hung on a building must be written to a licensed sign hanger unless the work is done by the property owner. Freestanding signs do not require a licensed sign hanger. The further a freestanding sign is located from the street-side property line, the taller it may be. The maximum allowable height is 50 feet. Permit costs are based on the area of the sign's face(s).

Please visit our Forms & Publications page to find the Permanent Sign Permit Application. You may submit the application via email to the Inspections Department, by postal mail, or in person.