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Streets & Sewers

The Streets & Sewers Department provides a wide variety of services essential to the public which can vary from simple street repair to fighting major floods and snow storms. Overall, the department's primary responsibilities can be categorized into the following activities:

Right of Way Maintenance

The Street Department mows and provides weed control for nearly 1,000 acres of City-owned lots and right-of-way.

Sanitary & Storm Sewer Maintenance

The Street Department cleans and repairs sanitary and storm sewer lines. They also provide maintenance for storm sewer lift stations and open legal drains.

Community Involvement: Wastewater Information

Wastewater flows through a network of underground sewer pipes making its way to wastewater treatment facilities where the water cleaned and safely reused and/or released back to the environment.

Public Works Streets and Sewers Division work collaboratively with the Wastewater Department to maintain sanitary and storm sewer lines for the metro area.

Learn how residents can stay involved with the water treatment process in the surrounding communities by reviewing the following information.