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Reporting Problems

How do I report a pothole?
Have an accurate description of the location (exact address or nearest intersection), then fill out our pothole reporting form. Only report potholes located on City of Fargo streets. Interstates and their on/off ramps and overpasses are maintained by the North Dakota Department of Transportation (DOT). Report interstate-related problems to the DOT at 701.239.8900. If you have any questions, call the Street Department at 701.241.1453.

How do I report a water main break?
Water bubbling up in the street may be due to a water main failure. On weekdays, report to Fargo Mains and Hydrants at 701.241.1453; after hours and on weekends, call 701.451.7660 for on-call personnel.

How do I report sewer backup?
Sewer trouble should be reported to the Fargo Street Department to make sure there are no problems with the city line. On weekdays, call 701.241.1453; after hours, call 701.451.7660 for on-call personnel.

How do I report a street light that is in need of repair?
You can either report a malfunctioning street light online through our Street Light maintenance request form, or you can call 701.476.6659 and leave a message regarding the problem.

How do I report a problem with a traffic signal?
Please call the city's Traffic Engineering Department at 701.241.1545 or send an e-mail to the Traffic Engineering Division.

How do I report damage due to snow removal?
Sod, mailbox or other property damage caused during snow removal operations should be reported to the Fargo Street Department at 701.241.1453 or send an e-mail.

How do I report a sidewalk that has not been maintained for snow removal?
To report a problem property where snow is not being removed as required by the regulations, send an e-mail detailing the location or call 701.241.1453.

How do I get my water shut-off raised or lowered?
The Watermains & Hydrants Department prefers the water shut-off (also called curb stop or stop box) be at ground level or 1 to 2 inches below. To have the shut-off raised or lowered, call 701.241.1453 or send an email.

How do I get graffiti removed from public property and business areas?
Use the City's FargoOne mobile application or go online to report graffiti anytime. When submitting information, please include where the graffiti is, what it looks like, and if it's on public or private property. The City does not remove graffiti off private property.

If your particular problem does not appear here, you can also try our page of common neighborhood challenges.

How do I deal with a loud vehicle in my neighborhood?
Call the police department’s non-emergency number at 701.235.4493 and ask to make a complaint against the vehicle owner. When a complaint is received, an officer will try to contact the registered owner of the vehicle and investigate the noise violation. You may need to to testify in court if you would like to go through with the complaint, since the violation didn’t occur in the presence of the officer. However, often having an officer speaking to the owner will be enough to get the problem corrected. City ordinance 8-0908 deals specifically with loud vehicles.