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Address Assignment

Based upon the City of Fargo, Property Address Data Standards, Adopted July 19, 2004, the GIS Office uses a uniform numbering system for addressing properties and buildings within the City of Fargo. Addresses must be whole numbers and consist of no letters or fractions. There are four (4) different types of addresses:

  • Situs Address - Set of information relating to the unique identifier for permanent physical location of the property relative to local roadway name and numbering schemes or other unique identifying characteristics.
  • Building Address - Set of information relating to the unique identifier for individual buildings.
  • Establishment Address - Set of information relating to the unique identifier for individual units located in a building with multiple units. For example, in a mall or apartment building the establishment address will be the building address with suite or unit number.
  • Mailing Address - Set of information denoting the basis of forwarding and delivering items to the addressee designated to receive property tax related correspondence concerning the parcel.

In cases where the parcel of land contains a single structure that is owner-occupied, the situs address and building address are the same. In cases where many structures are located on the same parcel (such as apartment complexes, strip malls or business parks), the situs address may be different than the building address.

Buildings with multiple units will have one address for the main entrance with a unit, apartment or suite number to identify each separate unit. Houses or single tenant buildings have one address for the entire structure.

Properties that are located on a corner lot will be addressed off of the street in which the property is accessed (via driveway or parking lot entrance).

New addresses are assigned as development occurs and are created by the GIS Office during site plan review prior to the final approved plans. Architect or developer can send the GIS Office a copy of the plan cover sheet and tenant layout prior to submittal and GIS will verify, free of charge, the addresses shown on the plans to avoid future addressing, permitting or inspection issues related to addresses. Information can be emailed or call (701) 476-6745 for more information.

Addresses can also be assigned outside of the Plan Review process. These include, but are not limited to, the following situations and will require the owner to visit or email GIS before any permits can be issued. At that time, GIS will assign an address.

  • New or Replatted Subdivisons.
  • New Street Creation or Street Renaming
  • Temporary addresses for Construction Trailers, Seasonal Stands, etc. A copy of the approved site plan showing the location drawn to scale is required to scale by the City of Fargo for permitting purposes.
  • Unoccupied structure not tied to a specific parcel or owner. A copy of the plan identifying the location of the structure is required.