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Address Changes

The City of Fargo GIS Office has the authority to enforce the address number system that is set forth in the Property Address Data Standards. When it is determined that a person is in violation of any part of this code, the GIS Office will notify the owner of the property and/or business. Addresses may be changed when problems, such as the following, arise:

  • Streets are renamed or realigned
  • Address numbers are duplicated
  • Address numbers are out of sequence
  • Driveway locations are on corner lots

Request a change in address

To Request a change in address, please fill out the City of Fargo Address Change Request Form(electronic fillable form). When addresses are changed, Notification of Change of Parcel Addressing is emailed to all property owners involved or affected by the change as follows: City Departments (Engineering, IS, Water, Fire, Planning, Forestry, Special Assessments, Inspections); Red River Valley Dispatch Center; Post Office (Downtown, Prairiewood, Trollwood); ISO Commercial Risk Services; Cass County Treasurer; Xcel Energy; Qwest; Cass County Electric; Idea One; Cable One; F-M Ambulance Service; Cass Rural Water.

For more information or if you have questions, please call the GIS office at 701.241.8250 or send an email.