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Street Renaming

The Engineering/GIS Departments has an established group of policies and procedures for requesting that an existing street be renamed within the City of Fargo.

Street renaming may be initiated by several actions:

  • Road realignment
  • Citizen request
  • Developer request

Please be aware that naming an existing unnamed private drive/street must meet the criteria of 3 or more properties with access from the drive and/or extenuating circumstance that make locating the property difficult for emergency response. If this condition is met, then the Citizen Initiated request should be followed in this situation.

Those who initiate this request must recognize that this process is a commitment by all affected parties to name the service drive on which their property is addressed. If the proposed street name is approved, there will be an address reassignment for each property, and all owners will be impacted personally and financially.

Affected property owners are responsible for notifying personal correspondents and will bear whatever expenses incurred due to changing personal information (i.e. address numbers on house/mailbox, drivers licenses, bills, credit cards, stationary, checks, legal documents, home-based business).