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Service Policy

The Fargo Public Library will accept artwork and other material from schools, individuals and organizations for display on wall space the library has designated for that purpose. Display space in the library is limited.

The purpose of the display space is to highlight the artistic talents of the community members or to feature collections of local hobbyists and to make the viewing of their works/collections an enjoyable experience for family, friends and patrons in the library. The purpose is not to promote a particular point of view or to make a statement on a controversial issue. Artwork which may reasonably be construed by library staff as creating a hostile, offensive or disruptive environment will not be accepted.

In order to maintain its position of impartiality in intellectual matters, the Fargo Public Library does not permit artwork which promotes or proselytizes a single point of view or which intimidates. This provision may apply, but is not limited to, matters of faith, politics and/or sexuality. However, the library is committed to representing the intellectual and cultural diversity of its community and users. Artwork containing images of matters on which it is possible to proselytize will not automatically be excluded, provided it complies with the standards set out in paragraph two of this policy.
Library use of the display areas precludes any other use.

The library bears no responsibility for theft or damage to display items.

Bookings are accepted one year in advance and are coordinated by the staff member assigned that responsibility. Organizations and individuals may display for up to one month per year with additional showings at the discretion of the Library Director.

After a display is tentatively booked, the library will send a Memorandum of Understanding. This document must be signed and returned before the reservation is final.

Before artwork is displayed, the library staff member assigned the responsibility reserves the right to review the material (this can be done at the time of set up or before). If it does not adhere to the guidelines set forth above and in the Memorandum of Understanding, it will not be displayed.

Set up and dismantling of the display will occur at the beginning and the end of the period of the booking and will be done by the organization or individual displaying material.

Approved 01-15-2002
Revised 07-21-2008
Reviewed 04-15-2014
Reviewed 12-19-2017
Reviewed 04-20-2021