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Career Opportunities

Whether you are beginning your career, want to advance in law enforcement or looking to try something entirely new, you can find a place at The Fargo Police Department.

The Fargo Police Department provides its officers with numerous opportunities for growth and development including:

Bike Patrol
Bomb Technician
Community Trust Officer
Cultural Liaison Officer
Downtown Resource Officer
Drone Pilot
K-9 Handler
School Resource Officer
SWAT Operator
Training Officer
Truck Regulatory Officer


Officers and ranking staff are eligible to promote to Detective, Sergeant and beyond. Staff who qualify will participate in the promotional process by taking a written test and undergoing an oral interview board, often involving members from inside and outside the department. View open Fargo Police Department career opportunities and contact us with questions.

Benefits & Pay

Compensation for Fargo Police Department officers is based on a 9-Step pay scale with starting pay beginning at $59,446 a year or $28.58 an hour*. Upon completion of the field training program base salary jumps to $62,941 or $30.26 an hour. Officers receive an automatic annual increase to the next pay step until reaching Step 9. Step 9 offers $87,492 a year or $42.28 an hour*.

Employees receive longevity pay after 10 years of service in addition to their current pay step. Officers who receive promotions are placed on a higher 9-Step pay scale.

The City of Fargo offers a comprehensive benefits package.

*Based on the 2023 City of Fargo pay scale.


Fargo Police Department personnel and The City of Fargo contribute to the police pension plan which pays 2.65% of the highest three years of salary (average) multiplied by years of service. Officers are vested into the pension at 10 years of service and can draw from their pension at the age of 49 1/2.


Contact a recruiter to learn more about joining The Fargo Police Department.