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Important Notice to Utility Customers

A new Utility Policy has been implemented effective immediately.

• Please carefully review your monthly utility statements. If your statement shows a “Balance Forward”, your account may be subject to disconnection without further notice.
• Courtesy notices (yellow cards) will no longer be left at a residence home. Meter Department employees will no longer accept payments.
• A payment in full plus a $50 turn on fee will be assessed to restore service once water services have been disconnected for delinquent payment.
• The Meter Department hours to reconnect water service are between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm Monday-Friday.
• Credit card, debit card, cash or money orders will be the only form of payment accepted for restoring water service that has been disconnected for a delinquent payment. We will no longer accept personal checks or e-checks online to restore services. If a payment is made online by e-check to restore service, that payment will be canceled.

Please call our office directly at 701.241.1324, option 3 to speak to a live person if you have questions regarding these changes.

Payment Confirmation

When making a payment online you will receive an email confirmation when paying your utility bill. Payments of parking tickets, however, do not generate an email confirmation; please print out the confirmation number once it is supplied.

Additional Information