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Storm Water Service Charge

In 1998, the Fargo City Commission passed an ordinance creating the original Storm Water Service Charge (also commonly known as the storm sewer utility fee) for the purpose of providing a reliable, equitable, and efficient funding source for the City of Fargo Storm Water Management Program. The storm sewer system service charge was applied to all properties being serviced by a water meter, with the last service charge increase having been approved in 2002.

The storm water service charge is a monthly charge applicable to all properties which contribute runoff to the storm water drainage system. The service charge is to storm water like a sewer charge is to sewage, and a water charge is to drinking water. The revenues of this charge are used to fund the management, construction, operation, and maintenance of the storm water drainage system.

Approved 2019 Storm Water Service Charge Change

A storm water service charge change was approved by the City Commission on Monday, November 5. The City of Fargo will transition from a flat storm water service rate to a charge based on the demand each parcel places on the storm water system. This change will take effect in January of 2019.

All single-family residential homes will pay a common service charge per month, while non-residential properties will be charged based upon the total area and impervious area on the property. For additional details on the approved storm water service charge change, please refer to the Resources section in the right margin of this page.

You may contact the Engineering Department regarding the City's Storm Water Service Charge via the Contact Information section in the right margin of this page.