Flood Protection

Flood Control Projects and Protection

Throughout the years, flood fighting efforts have been skillfully developed by City staff in order to protect the City of Fargo from potentially catastrophic flooding. The emergency and permanent measures required to protect people, property and infrastructure within the City are carefully planned and administered.

The City has prioritized the installation of permanent flood control features such as:

  • Permanent Levees
  • Floodwalls
  • Drainage Enhancements
  • Increased Pumping Capacity (via lift station and pipe system enhancements)

These features reduce the City's dependence on less-stable emergency measures, ultimately resulting in significantly fewer temporary rapid-deploy flood fighting activities that need to be purchased, transported, placed, removed and discarded.

Links to specific project and program information are available in the left margin of this page.

Flood Protection Incentive Program (FPIP)

Flood protection projects can also occur in backyards. Property owners along the primary line of protection may be eligible to take part in the Flood Protection Incentive Program, which allows owners to apply for reimbursement of rear yard flood protection costs. For more information about this program, please contact the Engineering Department via the Contact Information panel on the right side of this page or send an email.

Property Buyouts

Since 1997, the City of Fargo has purchased and removed more than 200 properties from high-risk, flood prone areas. Property buyouts allow for a significantly stronger primary line of protection by reducing the number of emergency measures required to protect the people and property located in high-risk areas.


In addition to specific flood mitigation projects such as those mentioned above, the City of Fargo incorporates its floodplain management practices in all areas of infrastructure design and planning. All aspects of residential and commercial developments, roadways and water and sewer systems are reviewed for floodplain impact in order to help build a more flood resilient community.